Christians bear witness

By Farnham Herald in Community News

AT noon on Good Friday, the most solemn moment of the Christian year, recalling the moment Jesus was nailed to the cross, a silent procession set out from the Upper Hart car park in Farnham.

It was organised by Stuart Dakers - who nominated early arrivals to act as stewards, police support no longer being available - and commenced with prayers led by Michael Hall of Farnham Pentecostal Church, and then proceeded in silence.

Groups of onlookers also fell respectfully quiet as the procession passed; some joined in. By the time the procession was moving up Downing Street it numbered around 200 - headed by Phoebe Thain, 14-year-old daughter of Rob Thain, lay minister at St Andrew’s – carrying a cross.

Once everyone had assembled in St Andrew’s churchyard and sung a hymn, prayers were led by David Uffindell, rector of Farnham, thus concluding the first hour of Jesus’ time on the cross.

The Gospel accounts record Jesus finally dying at 3pm, so further opportunities for reflection and prayer were offered until that time in St Andrew’s and elsewhere around town.

Thereafter, all dispersed quietly to await the explosion of joy at Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday – so brightly illustrated by the daffodil Easter cross outside the Methodist church in South Street.

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