People are advised to stay out of the water at Frensham Great Pond after a “pollution incident” was reported last Friday.

Bathing is currently not advised at the Great Pond by the Environment Agency (EA) because of high levels of potentially harmful algae.

In the four years between 2019 and 2022, microscopic phytoplankton algae was assessed as being “sufficient to be objectionable” for eight per cent of visits by EA samplers, with 27 per cent of visits noting the presence of phytoplankton.

Blue-green algae also increase in number (or ‘bloom’) at certain times of the year. 

If a bloom of blue-green algae is visible, visitors are advised not to enter the water. If the amount of blue-green algae in the water exceeds safety limits, the pond will be closed to bathers.

See the latest water quality report for Frensham Great Pond here: