Today is your last chance to comment on plans to introduce CCTV cameras in Farnham to enforce the town's HGV ban.

The chosen locations for the cameras – Upper Hale Road, Odiham Road, Folly Hill, and Castle Street – were selected because of frequent flouting of the HGV weight restrictions introduced in June 2021.

The Department for Transport's recent authorisation empowers local authorities, including Surrey, to utilise traffic enforcement cameras under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

A volunteer-led HGV Watch scheme in Farnham has reported consistently high contraventions of the town's 7.5 weight limit, but without cameras, culprits cannot be fined.

If CCTV cameras are adopted, the Department for Transport mandates a six-month warning period for first-time offenders, followed by a Penalty Charge Notice for subsequent violations, set at £70 (reduced to £35 if paid early).

The cameras were proposed by Surrey County Council and have the backing of Farnham Town Council.

Labour Party activists also took to the streets of Farnham last week to urge people to support CCTV enforcement of the ban on lorries rat-running in the town centre.

Castle Street resident, Tony Rooth, said: “After a long campaign, Surrey has finally agreed to consult residents about introducing cameras, but it’s poorly publicised so we’re determined to alert local people to the opportunity to make our streets safer and less polluted.” 

“It’s really simple to fill in the form. But people must act fast.  

“Just Google ‘Traffic camera enforcement consultation Farnham’ and be sure to respond before December 15.”

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