Would you believe it if an old newspaper clipping became the inspiration for a wooden bench 14 years after it was published?

Danny at Besp-Oak made this a reality after being given a newspaper clipping from his neighbour an old farmer who had been collecting newspaper clippings for years.

The newspaper clipping was from an old telegraph paper around fourteen years ago. Danny presented the idea to a client after he installed a wooden patio for them. The client fell in love with the idea and gave Danny the all go ahead on the project.

News clipping of bench taken from telegraph clipping
(Besp-oak Carpentry)

Little did Danny know how difficult the task would be he had to use his many year of experiences working with oak to help visualise and craft the bench.

He used the client’s old bench as a template to help get the dimension references which helped to determine the height, depth and incline of the arch.

The hardest part of the process of “Layup” where he had to position sections of oak on top of each other too resemble the design and mark them into their final positions.

He then used centuries-old methods to join the wood together by pegging and draw boring the holes.

He said ‘It would be nice if someone was inspired by my work like I was by the original piece.”

He hopes that this story can inspire others and maybe those reading this article can follow suit by cutting out Danny’s bench and storing it hoping one day to create a bench of their own.