Waverley has been blighted by a spate of shed and garage burglaries, with the main types of items stolen being high-value bicycles, quad bikes and power tools.

To combat the area's shed raiders, the borough’s neighbourhood policing team has shared the following crime prevention tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

The borough team said: "We've been affected by some shed/garage burglaries in Waverley recently, with the main types of items stolen being high value bicycles, quad bikes and power tools.

"Officers are investigating any positive lines of enquiry, however we wanted to take this opportunity to pass on some crime prevention advice which we hope will be helpful."

Officers' tips are as follows:

  • Check the security of garages/sheds/outbuildings. Ensure all buildings are locked, and secured with alarms, CCTV and security lights.

  • Register your tools and other valuables for free – on IMMOBILISE, the national property register where you can record makes, models, and serial numbers. Visit https://www.immobilise.com/ or register your bikes at https://www.bikeregister.com/
  • Secure your bike to the ground or a lockable stand within a locked shed or garage. Visit https://www.soldsecure.com/ to search for ground anchors and other locks designed to fix to floors and walls.
  • It’s always worth draping an old sheet or blanket over the top of mowers/large tools or bikes to keep them covered from view.

  • Secure quad bikes by concreting a metal 'D-ring' into the floor of the garage/outbuilding and connecting this to the quad bike by chain. You can also remove a wheel when the quad bike is not in use.

Please report any crimes, incidents or concerns direct to the police contact centre at the time - via live chat on our website https://www.surrey.police.uk/, via private message on social media (in a non-emergency) or by calling 101.

Call 999 if there’s an emergency (where a crime is in progress or life is in immediate danger).