THERE was high drama at Sainsbury’s Water Lane on Monday evening after a Land Rover caught fire and threatened setting other vehicles alight.

The eight year old Freelander 2’s bonnet was seen emitting flames in the busy car park at around 7.35pm. Staff called 999 and fire crews arrived just minutes later and began putting the fire out.

Sainsbury’s was also forced to close its petrol station to the public until the fire was brought under control.

Sarah Jones, the Land Rover’s owner, told the Herald: “I just parked the car to go shopping and noticed it was slightly smoking. I got out and saw it was still smoking, I moved out of the way then it just caught fire.

“The car was in the garage on Friday. I’m just going to have to see what the fire brigade say, what caused the fire and get in touch with the insurance people.”

Ms Jones added: “Sainsbury’s have been looking after me, they’ve been really lovely, really kind.”