BRIGHTWELLS Yard will be a “great example of a town centre community hub” – that’s according to Waverley Borough Council.

The council has spoken out in response to a letter to the Herald by Anne Cooper, Farnham Theatre Association chairman, which can be read in full on Page 21. In the letter, Mrs Cooper highlights The House of Commons Local Government (HCLG) committee’s Report on High Streets and Town Centres, which states a “vision for activity based community gathering places where retail is a smaller part of a wider range of uses and activities”.

She has asked whether Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council will create a “better future for Farnham in line with the HCLG Report, while also calling on local councils to make use of the government’s £675m Future High Street Fund.

A spokesperson for Waverley Borough Council confirmed it was aware of this fund “and will consider whether it will make an application in due course”.

They said: “Our core vision for Brightwells hasn’t changed. We believe Brightwells Yard will be a great example of a town centre community hub, where people can gather to meet with friends and family and enjoy green space, live in new homes (including 72 shared ownership properties), shop, be entertained at the new cinema, eat out and take advantage of the extended social leisure offerings the scheme will bring.

“All this within a short distance of the other fantastic facilities the town has to offer.”

The spokesperson confirmed the Public Art Panel “is helping to shape the arts offering that will be installed at the site”, while adding: “This is a really exciting project that has the needs of the local community at its heart.”