Alton Climate Action Network and the Alton Local Food Initiative are partnering again with Petersfield Climate Action Network’s A Fruit Tree In Every Garden initiative which offers fruit trees at subsidised prices.

Each tree costs £12 and comes with a stake plus instructions on how to plant it. They usually cost between £25 and £35 but are available at less than half price thanks to funding from East Hampshire District Council and the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund.

The options are one-year-old maiden trees in four-litre pots, two to four-year-old bare root bush trees, and mixed native hedging – 65 per cent hawthorn plus a mix of at least five other species.

Thanks to a partnership with The Tree Council there are also free hedging plants for anyone wishing to replace a fence or create a new hedgerow.

Trees can be ordered at and collected on the morning of February 24 from Edgar Hall in Anstey Lane, Alton.