GLASWEGIAN-based performer and theatre artist Sita Pieraccini, in association with Feral Arts, brings a double bill of Bird & Make a Hoo to Bordon’s Phoenix Theatre in June.

Part of Made in Scotland 2016, Bird is a timeless tale of friendship, courage, magic and madness. Created through inventive clowning, mime and visceral physicality, a lone creature with only a patch of soil to call her own must be ready to seize every small opportunity that flies by.

Created in collaboration with musician and composer David Pollock, Bird is an “an unspoken initiation to look at the world differently” (Fest Magazine).

Inspired by an artist residency in Sri Lanka and featuring local folk songs, Bird sets the scene for a young woman’s journey as she strives to reconnect with her identity and the world in which she lives.

Caught in an elaborate game of call and response with a shape-shifting being which only comes to life at night, the woman struggles to find her echo in a world of repetition.

To book tickets, call The Phoenix Theatre on 01420 472664 or email [email protected].