A PROPOSAL has been made to drive a new road through the heart of the Surrey Hills to relieve anticipated traffic congestion and HGV issues when Waverley borough’s largest housing scheme is built at Dunsfold Park.

Dunsfold Aerodrome has been allocated up to 3,400 new homes in Waverley’s Local Plan and outline consent has already been granted for 1,800 houses.

Members of Waverley Local Committee have angered Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hydestile and Milford residents by agreeing to consider a proposal by Guildford Society that a new highway be built across the fields from Dunsfold and around National Trust Hydon’s Ball to emerge on Hambledon Road and use Station Lane to reach a new ‘Milford Parkway‘ station and the A3.

In a covering letter, society chairman Alistair Smith, wrote: “The link scheme we propose, some 12km long, is likely to be complex, expensive and controversial, as part of it would necessarily pass through some sensitive countryside and would need to be treated appropriately.”

Surrey County Council deputy leader Colin Kemp said he was prepared to look into the possibility of a feasibility study.

The Guildford Society proposal follows its members’ concerns about the additional traffic the Dunsfold development will have on the A281, which is already heavily congested as it approaches Guildford through Bramley and Shalford.

Hambledon Parish Council has already challenged the Guildford Society over its proposal drawn up by member Maurice Barham.

When asked by parish council vice-chairman Stewart Payne if it was reasonable to build a road through unspoilt countryside to resolve Shalford congestion, he said it was “unfortunate that it is an AONB”.