TOWN and borough councillor Captain Peter Burden is being investigated by the Standards Board for England.

Capt Burden, the Conservative Waverley councillor leading the East Street regeneration, is being investigated for allegedly failing to disclose a personal interest.

Speaking to The Herald, Capt Burden revealed the complaint centred on his being a non-voting Waverley nominee on the board of the New Ashgate Gallery.

"The gallery wanted a grant of £30,000 for disabled access and a lift.

"I've registered my interest in the declaration of interests and when I got up to speak I began by saying 'As the Waverley nominee...'

"They all know I'm the Waverley nominee because I report back to them regularly. This is all rather fatuous."

A spokesman for the Standards Board, which was set up about a year ago, said that it had received six allegations about Farnham town councillors, three of which have been passed to investigators.

The spokesman added that it had received three complaints about Waverley councillors, two of which had been passed to investigators.

The spokesman said the number of complaints was "fairly typical" of other councils.