Emma Brankin’s debut book is coming to Haslemere this summer. 

Published by Valley Press, Attention Seekers is a quirky short story collection that refuses to pull any punches. 

Prize-winning writer Miss Brankin draws on her own experiences having worked in the entertainment industry as a journalist. Her many run-ins with Harvey Weinstein inspired the collection’s story The Red Dress.

It features an eclectic group of characters struggling with fame’s many facets. 

Readers will meet: the daughter of a disgraced Hollywood power player; an embattled starlet dealing with the paparazzi; a reality show applicant with a bitter axe to grind; a woman weaponising her cat’s internet fame to keep track of her ex - to name just a few!

The majority of the book was written in Haslemere, where Miss Brankin lived in lockdown, teaching school lessons over Zoom. 

Described as being "full of masterful stories" with "audacity and coruscating wit" by best-selling authors such as Morgan Talty, Attention Seekers will be available at The Haslemere Bookshop from July 6.