HOLYBOURNE Theatre will welcome back the Nuworks Theatre Company from Australia later this month.

Every few years this energetic, creative theatre group from Melbourne embark upon a European tour and Holybourne Theatre is on the agenda again on Friday, September 29, for a double bill combining Snow White and Romeo and Juliet.

Nuworks Theatre Company has performed for the past 28 years under the artistic direction of David Dunn. The players tour the world with their innovative, original productions alongside classics from Shakespeare to Brecht and include contemporary musicals, such as Rent and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

On this, their third visit to Holybourne Theatre, the ambitious Aussies will perform a double bill featuring two very different productions.

Snow White is a new musical adaptation of the tale but stays faithful to the original in most respects, including Snow White, the Wicked Queen, and the Huntsman. The seven dwarves have morphed into the Hip Hop Brothers and there’s a few extra characters.

Holybourne Theatre spokesman Bob Yelland said: “Don’t worry, there’s a poisoned apple and a prince and a true loves kiss and a happy ever after.”

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is heavily edited and re-contextualised, but otherwise unchanged to produce a piece of theatre that will appeal to younger and older audiences alike. It is complemented with a number of contemporary, largely up-tempo songs from Pink, Coldplay and Muse and accompanied by choreography.

The show starts at 7.30pm and is suitable for children 10 or older.

Tickets, priced £10 for adults and £5 for children, are available online at holybournetheatre.co.uk or from Wildly Upbeat Printers on John Trimmer Walk, Alton.