CYCLISTS and motorists are being encouraged to safely enjoy the roads this summer in an attempt to reduce the risk of casualties.

Drive SMART, Surrey County Council and Surrey Police road safety initiative are behind the campaign and is committed to educating all road users about how they can stay safe.

The number of cyclists on the road naturally increases during the drier months with more people likely to commute to work, while there are also more enthusiasts out and enjoying cycle routes at the weekends.

Figures show one in five accidents involving cyclists happens at a junction. This is an area where both motorists and cyclists need to be more aware of each other.

By taking a few simple steps cyclists can vastly reduce the risk of collisions:

• Ride away from the edge of the road, particularly when passing junctions.

• Ride away from the kerb, to avoid debris and drain covers.

• Be aware of car doors being opened as you pass them.

• Take extra care and consider other users on shared paths.

• Make sure that your helmet is fitted correctly.

• Remember to follow the Highway Code.

Superintendent Chris Moon of Surrey Police said: “We want to do all we can to ensure cyclists and motorists alike stay safe on the road. Ultimately the road is there for everyone to share, but it comes with an added responsibility for yours and others safety.

“If you are going out for a ride just take a minute to think about your route and what considerations you need to give it for example how are you going to approach certain junctions or where do you need to give yourself more room. Equally if you’re driving consider how you would want to be treated as a cyclist.”

Kay Hammond, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet associate for community safety services said: “Cycling has many benefits - not only is it kind to the environment and good for health, it is also one of the cheapest forms of transport - and we want more people to cycle with confidence.

“This campaign is about encouraging both cyclists and motorists to look out for each other and take precautions so our roads are as safe as they can be for everyone.”

To find out more about cycle safety visit the website