THIS spring, Birdworld in collaboration with the World Owl Trust (WOT) launched its brand-new exhibit, the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament.

The new exhibition houses nine species of owls that are flourishing in their new mystical surroundings.

Over the summer months the parliament has been a hive of activity with a number of owl pairings showing signs of successful nesting and the laying of eggs.

The Birdworld keepers were then delighted to see the hatching and fledging of one brown wood owl and one spectacled owl chick.

Brown wood owls are closely related to the UK’s native tawny owl and are very secretive by nature. They are native to South Asia and consume a wide variety of prey, including fruit bats.

In comparison, the spectacled owl is the largest species of tropical owl in the world. Native to Central and South America the bird is named after the ‘spectacles’ or rings of white feathers around their eyes.

Although their population numbers remain high, all rainforest animals are threatened by habitat loss.

The two fast-growing chicks have been a great hit with recent visitors to the park and have helped to educate and raise awareness of these beautiful birds of prey and the essential work of the WOT.

Visitors familiar with the popular Discworld novels, have also loved spotting the unique references to the wonderful world of Sir Terry Pratchett throughout the stylised aviaries.

Birdworld general manager Mark Anderson said: “We have been very happy to welcome two healthy owl chicks to the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament this summer.

“It’s great to see the various owl species settling in so well and showing that they are comfortable with their new surroundings.

“The Birdworld team can’t wait to welcome more Discworld and owl fans alike to explore the interactive space that these amazing birds inhabit and for the parliament to continue to grow.”

For more information about the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament and all of Birdworld’s other exhibits or experiences visit or call 01420 22992.