A BORDON youth was lucky not to be killed after being shot in the face by an air rifle. The incident occurred on Monday, May 29, at around 9-30 pm, when a 12-year-old boy, playing with friends in a park off Neptune Road, was shot between his eyes. Whitehill Police carried out a thorough search of the area where the attack took place. The boy was taken to hospital to remove the pellet which was lodged in his skull. The officer dealing with the attack, Pc Kevin Massey, said he had never encountered an incident like this before in the area and was very worried about it. "The boy was shot by an air rifle and, if the pellet had gone a centimetre to the left or right, he would have been blinded or even killed," Pc Massey explained. This attack preceded a similar crime which took place in east Hampshire. On Tuesday, May 30, a 10-year-old boy was hit by a pellet while walking through a Petersfield park. The child was walking through Petersfield Heath, with his mother by his side, when a pellet hit him in the back, leaving him bruised, in pain and very shaken. Police have no suspects as yet, but Pc Massey would like to hear from any witnesses to either crime. He would also like to hear from anyone who owns an air rifle which may have been used by a friend or a family member. Call him on 0845 0454545.