HOGS Back Brewery is celebrating its 25th birthday today (Thursday) by turning back the clocks and offering its flagship Traditional English Ale (TEA) at 1992 prices in a handful of pubs close to the brewery in Tongham.

Six pubs will be offering pints of TEA at £1.30, the price paid by the first drinkers to taste the “full-bodied, well-balanced bitter” 25 years ago. The ‘retro’ price is less than the combined duty and VAT alone paid on a pint of TEA in the pub today.

The pubs, which will each be selling a cask of TEA at the 1992 price from 6pm until it’s gone, are: The White Hart, Tongham; The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham; The Wheatsheaf, Farnham; The Nelson Arms, Farnham; The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford and The Stag on the River, Eashing, as well as Woking Golf Club, who have sold TEA continuously since 1997.

The Hogs Back Brewery shop will also be taking part in the offer on the day to walk-in customers.

Hogs Back Brewery managing director Rupert Thompson, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating our quarter-century with some very local pubs and their customers, who will be able to enjoy TEA at 1992 prices for one evening.

“The fact that duty and VAT paid on a pint of TEA today are, at £1.36, more than the total price of a pint 25 years ago serves to highlight the high taxes charged on beer and we’re sure will gather drinkers’ support for the brewing and pubs industry’s request for a cut in beer duty at the next Budget.”

Hogs Back Brewery opened in August 1992 at Manor Farm, Tongham, in 18th century farm buildings that at various times had stored wheat, and housed cattle and, appropriately, hogs. The first casks to roll out of the original brewhouse - now the site of the brewery shop – and into local pubs were TEA.

TEA remains the brewery’s best-seller, winning awards including a gold medal at the World Beer Awards in early August this year, and gathering a loyal customer following in Surrey and across the South.