Viggo Venn, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, will bring his new show British Comedian to G Live in Guildford on December 6 at 8pm.

From balloons to clowning, Norwegian clown Viggo has captured the nation’s hearts with his joyful and spirited performances and his upcoming show promises to delight and inspire.

He moved to this country with one dream: to be a British comedian. The rest, you already know about. After blowing away the competition in an explosion of hi-vis jackets, balloons and joyous idiocy, Viggo became the most talked-about new entertainer in the country by winning Britain’s Got Talent in June.

Viggo said: “I have been receiving thousands of videos on Instagram from young and old dancing around in hi-vis vests and nothing makes me happier. So excited to bring a show full of fun, quirkiness and surprises for everyone. Can’t wait to meet people and go on a highly visible UK tour. I will bring Viggo-vests with me, if you forget yours!”

For tickets, priced £24.25, visit