A bus that broke down in the centre of Farnham town centre’s one-way system caused traffic chaos with motorists having to take a route down narrow roads to avoid it.

A number 18 Stagecoach bus, that was travelling towards Aldershot, broke down on Downing Street at around 1pm on Monday (March 11) and has become stuck at one of the major turning points of the route through the town’s one-way system.

There were no emergency services on the scene when a Herald reporter attended the scene and motorists were instead being directed down alternative routes by local shop workers.

Speaking to The Herald, the driver of the bus said that there was nothing he could do and that he just had to wait for assistance. He said: “The engine stopped and the bus just broke down and police have said they are on the way I’ve just been trying to help control the situation.”

Cars are being re-directed down Lower Church Lane by Sweet Lizzy shop owner Liz Fearnley who was on the scene for several hours.

Cars being redirected past Downing Street.
(Michelle Monaghan)

Liz said: “I’ve phoned the police three times and the bus driver did initially around two hours or so ago and the school has as well. Police said they were going to come but still nothing and the bus driver has had to try and turn buses around and big vehicles. One of the coach drivers ignored the bus driver and tried to come up and I had to make them reverse.”

A bus stuck in Farnham town centre has been causing chaos

Liz was meant to have finished work at 2pm but stayed to help keep the traffic flowing and stop anyone from trying to go down the blocked road. Cones were also put in place to keep the road blocked off until the situation can be resolved.