A BUDDING writer from Waverley Abbey Junior School has earned a place in the final of Stabilo’s Young Journalist of the Year competition.

Polly Margesson, 10, impressed the judges with her entry about rescue dogs.

She is now in the final, with the winner crowned in October.

Proud Polly, 10, said: “I am so excited about being a finalist. I haven’t got this far in a writing competition before and it’s really boosted my confidence to continue my passion for writing.

“I’ve always loved writing stories and hope that one day I can become a teacher and help other children feel passionately about writing stories.”

Polly’s mum added: “Polly has always loved writing and writes all the time. She’s so curious and really enjoys creating characters and emotive content.

“She begged us for a rescue dog and took an active part into researching the best dog for our family – she’s meticulous at researching which is why she loves writing stories so much, she’s naturally curious about things."