IT was a bright and dry day as the pupils at Fernhurst Primary School turned out in their wellies for “bulb planting day” with Fernhurst Horticultural Society.

Each class spent part of the day planting over 1,000 crocus and daffodil bulbs altogether along the banks of the playground.

Horticultural society vice chairman, Louise Buchanan, on hand to give advice and to show the children what to do, said: “It is lovely working with the younger members of our community, not only teaching them about the bulbs but seeing their enthusiasm for this valuable activity.”

The children are now looking forward to the spring when they can watch out for the shoots appearing, the flowers blooming and green spaces getting a dash of colour.

Pupil Josephine Harrison said she “really enjoyed crumbling the soil on top of the bulbs” and Tom Ward said he had lots of fun “getting my hands dirty and seeing all the worms!”.

Headteacher Gary Parkes said: “It is the second year in a row we have joined forces with the horticultural society and we are looking forward to our grounds being a brighter, happier place thanks to their support.”