Bosses at Hogs Back Brewery have raised a glass to Aldi after securing a new listing with the supermarket giant.

The deal to supply Aldi with their new range of cocktail beers means that products by the Tongham firm are now listed in four of the UK’s top five grocery retailers.

The £1.79 beers are inspired by classic cocktails and will be available in more than 900 Aldi stores nationally from June 30.

"We're delighted that our product innovation has been rewarded with a listing across Aldi stores,” said head brewer, Miles Chesterman.

“The cocktail beers are very different to the ales such as Tongham TEA that we're best known for, so they demonstrate that our ability to reinvent our beers, while still brewing with the best quality ingredients including our own hops."

Mr Chesterman added: "We think they're the perfect summer drink for beer lovers looking for something a bit different, and we're looking forward to seeing the response from Aldi's customers."

Hogs Back became the first brewer to win the Le May Cup early this year when its white bine hop impressed at an Institute of Brewing and Distilling showpiece event. They also picked up gold and silver medals, respectively, for their fuggles and English cascade varieties.

The white bine hop is a Farnham exclusive and was developed by local farmer Mr Peckham William in the early 1700’s. The brewer has brought back the hop which used to be prevalent in Farnham fields more than a hundred years ago.