Haskins Forest Lodge Garden Centre near Farnham has donated £7,500 to the Fountain Centre to fund a monthly bereavement group for families affected by cancer.

The charity was nominated to receive the grant by Jess Bowman, Haskins’ goods inwards senior assistant at Forest Lodge Garden Centre.

She said: “The pandemic has put a huge strain on the NHS and cancer services across the country, which is why small charities such as the Fountain Centre are critical in their support of patients, family, and friends during their worst times.

“I have not needed to use the service, but I have people very close to me who have, and I honestly cannot thank the charity enough for their help.

“Knowing they had support and counselling services at a time when I felt like I didn’t know what to say, or do, meant I could just be the friend they needed.

“Cancer is a horrible ordeal to experience, but charities like the Fountain Centre offer a beacon of hope.”