Local businesses will battle it out in an FA-style competition to raise money for Phyllis Tuckwell.

Courier and logistics company Hi-Speed Services Limited have challenged 15 other local companies to a football tournament at Frimley Lodge Park on Sunday 9th June.

Tuesday 28 March saw a live draw take place on Facebook at 2:00pm with managing director Ian Dawkins and senior fundraiser from Phyllis Tuckwell Fiona drawing the teams.

The event has grown from a friendly match on 5 December 2023 with Hi-speed competing against Vale Furnishing and raising nearly £2,000 for Phyllis Tuckwell to a 16-team tournament and the organisers are looking to make the tournament an annual event.

Each team has paid a fee to enter the competition and all the money will go to Phyllis Tuckwell.

The matches will be available to the public between 12pm to 4pm and everyone is invited to watch, donate and support the teams.