CALLS for a defibrillator have followed the death of Ingrid Wynne who died in the arms of her father waiting for an ambulance.

As reported in last week’s Bordon Herald, in the early hours of May 16, Willie Wynne, who lives in Greatham, received a call from his daughter Ingrid, 43, who lived at Manor Fields in Liphook. As she had been diagnosed with a heart condition and was “struggling to breath”, Mr Wynne rushed to her aid. She died before the ambulance arrived.

At this Monday’s annual Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council meeting, a member of the public asked why the red telephone box in Manor Fields had not yet been kitted out with a defibrillator as planned, after it was adopted by the council last November. It was felt this could have saved Ingrid’s life.

Chairman Jane Ives said the adoption has to be arranged between East Hampshire District Council and BT, and had been known to take a long time.

Another member of the public, on the scene when the incident occurred, has now offered to fund and donate a defibrillator for the Manor Fields area, to be installed as soon as possible.