IT’S been a labour of love and one that has taught youngsters an important ecological lesson when Chawton Primary School took on the task of planting 400 trees in Adela Copse.

The copse is a mile away from the school across the meadows by the cricket club and the planting has been done in relays by pupils, helped by their parents. Each child got the chance to plant their own tree and to understand how important trees are to the national ecology.

Teacher Kirsty Blandford, who is in charge of the project, said: “The trees were donated to the school by the Woodland Trust and we have 240 English varieties, including blackthorn, dog rose, crab apple and hazel.

“I also have to acknowledge the help Andrew Bentley, the gardner from Chawton Library, has given us with the planting.”

The trees will replace those that have been felled in the copse.