How old are you and how long have you lived in Alton?

Mike is 90 and an Altonian, which means he has lived here all his life, and Diana is 87 and moved here from Four Marks when she was 16 years old.

What made you choose Alton?

Mike was born in Beech Village Hall so had no choice in the matter. Diana, who was the eldest of seven children, moved because her father got a job as a painter and decorator at the Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital.

What do you like most about Alton?

Mike and Diana have enjoyed a very happy life in Alton and feel privileged to have both lived and worked here as it has allowed them to meet so many residents from Alton and the surrounding district.

They think Alton is made special by the people, who they describe as kind, friendly and sincere. Mike, who was a company director of Rainbow Carpets, has come across so many people as part of his job and can honestly say he never has met a single horrible person and they both agree that it is definitely the people who make Alton great.

Tell me a little bit about a favourite time in your life?

They have lots of favourite times but one of the things they are most proud to have been involved with was The Home Farm Trust, a charity that supports children with learning difficulties. 

One day Reginald Marsh, an actor from Coronation Street, came into Rainbow Carpets and got chatting. The next thing Mike knew was that he and Diana were being invited to a fundraising event with June Whitfield, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Terry Scott and Arthur English.

This was the start of a long involvement with The Home Farm Trust where Mike and Diana not only helped raise valuable funds for the charity but mixed with television stars on numerous occasions.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Both Mike and Diana have been very lucky and enjoyed good health all their lives until recently when Mike was taken into hospital. This spell in hospital was the first time they had been apart for a night in their 65 years of marriage.

Now that Mike is out of hospital and recovering, they hope their health and happiness continues so they can enjoy spending time with their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends. They are also looking forward to celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary in August with everyone.

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