HOLYBOURNE Theatre will play stage the premiere of Caught Off Guard – the latest production by Alton College students Luke Bateman and Elliott Williams – on Friday April 16.

The pair have already earned an enviable reputation for comedy writing, with none other than top screenwriter Richard (Black Adder, Four Weddings and a Funeral) Curtis CBE lauding their previous production as “an unbelievable masterpiece”.

The doors will open at 7pm for curtain up at 7.30pm on the first night and again on Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23.

Set in modern day Kettering, the play hones in on the lives of lifeguards Dan and Stacker, abruptly turned upside down when they discover a man has been hiding in Dan’s deceased grandmother’s garage.

Hilarity ensues as the pair encounter more than they bargained for and are recruited for a jewellery heist that is scuppered by a suprise hostage.

For this show, the writers have enlisted actors and fellow students George Bailey and Fern Bamber to create one of their most ambitious performances to date.

Tickets at £7 are available online at www.holybournetheatre.co.uk/