FOLLOWING a series of Daily Mail stories exposing chief executive wages funded by the tax payer up and down the country, East Hampshire District Council has confirmed how many high-earning staff it employs.

With almost 6,000 freedom of information requests submitted for the project, the Daily Mail published thousands of figures, including NHS, police and local authority pay.

Featured in the database was the revelation that Hampshire County Council employs 31 members of staff earning more than £100,000, seven earning more than £150,000 and one member of staff, outgoing chief executive Andrew Smith, taking home £234,538 per year.

However, this month has seen John Coughlan, former director of children’s services, taking the reins as Hampshire’s chief executive.

Also published were details on Hampshire Constabulary, which employs 16 people on more than £100,000 and two on more than £150,000.

However, East Hampshire District Council’s figures don’t feature in the database as it doesn’t pay anyone more than £100,000.

A council spokesman said that as chief executive Sandy Hopkins represents both EHDC and Havant Borough Council, her £128,144 pay packet is shared between the two authorities.

“As a result, EHDC doesn’t actually pay any individual over £100,000,” the spokesman confirmed.