Children were able to have fun and learn the art of paper crafts at Farnham Sustainability Festival.

The sessions were run by 2023 Surrey Artist of the Year Lucy Dorothy Nichols and the New Ashgate Gallery. Lucy is a contemporary paper and textile artist who uses recycled and found papers as her main work.

Using preloved books from Oxfam, Lucy and the New Ashgate team taught the children how to make bird, bug and butterfly designs.

Lucy’s new collection of work will soon be on show and available to buy through Atherton Green Art Gallery in Alton as part of its summer show during Surrey Artists Open Studios.

Paper as an art form is becoming more popular as concerns around environmental impacts increase.

Speaking to The Herald last year, Lucy said: “People don’t always value paper and as a medium so it’s lovely it’s getting a bit more recognition.”

Lucy making paper birds for an artwork
Lucy making paper birds for an artwork (Lucy Dorothy Nichols)