THIS year, we heralded the Christmas season by turning on the lights.

As town mayor, it was my honour to switch on the Christmas lights display across Whitehill & Bordon, funded by Whitehill Town Council.

We have injected more Christmas sparkle into the town this year, with Christmas lights along Chalet Hill and in the trees in the kebab van car park, and a large illuminated stag at SiGNAL’s Martinique House.

We have also provided the six Christmas trees in planters at either end of the town, at Sutton Field and near the Eco Station. They look so beautiful and welcome people to our town.

Thanks go to the Whitehill Town Council officers for their tireless work behind the scenes. In the new Christmas tradition, they are now working from home again.

Also a thank you to mayor’s consort Ashley Kennard, pastor Dave Berry for speaking at the Christmas lights switch-on, and my fellow councillors, especially deputy mayor Cllr Catherine Clark and council leader Cllr Andy Tree.

Light does more than create a festive mood – light brings hope and hope of more light. There are times when the light is easy to see and times when we have to work a bit harder to spread that light; we have to choose to see it, focus on it and reflect it.

I love how the people of Whitehill & Bordon take those opportunities, whether it is through coming together when we can for events such as Armistice Day, supporting individual efforts – like those of Brian Wood – and local businesses through our Christmas fairs, right down to smiles exchanged even when obscured by masks.

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is “the light of the world” and see his birthday as an annual inspiration – a reminder that we can all do our bit to light up our corner of the world.

Whichever way you choose to light up 2022, Whitehill Town Council can and wants to support you. The deadline for major grant aid is December 31. Please visit our website for eligibility criteria and the application form.

I pray that your holiday season is filled with love, hope and light. From myself and the whole Whitehill Town Council team, Merry Christmas.

Cllr Bisi Kennard

Town Mayor of Whitehill & Bordon