The future of Lady Beryl Tindle’s former patronage is at risk as the charity struggles to find a new location despite a four-year search.

Change of Scene provides education and support for children with special needs and offers animal assisted outdoor learning. It began 15 years ago and has grown into a thriving charity with children offered one to one learning which they can’t receive through standard education.

Chief executive officer Pam Robinson said: “At the moment we can take 29 children each week, but we're restricted to that because of the landowner's conditions on the site.

“The lease runs out in the summer of 2026 so we've got less than a year in which to find somewhere and because we've got the animals it will be a huge piece of work.

“We've looked at buying and leasing but we can't compete financially with the people and developers buying the land. Because we're a charity, we can only pay what the land is valued at.”

Change of Scene is located on a 16-acre smallholding near Farnham (Change of Scene) (Change of Scene)

The waitlist for the charity’s services is up to 45 children and Pam said that schools reach out wanting to do partnerships but it can’t be done at the current site.

Since Lady Tindle’s passing the charity has been without a lead figure with no contacts or support to rely on. “Lady Tindle was very interested in children and particularly children with special needs,” Pam said.

If no suitable location can be found soon then around springtime next year, the charity will have to begin the process of closing down.

A parent said: “If Change of Scene was to close my daughter would not have a purpose in life as this is the only thing she looks forward too.”

If you can help, contact the charity at [email protected] or call 01252 794960.

The animals help to provide young people with support and learning
The animals help to provide young people with support and learning (Change of Scene) (Change of Scene)