Would you vote for 30 minutes’ free parking in all council-run car parks in Waverley? The Conservatives hope you will, and have pledged to pilot the free half-hour in council car parks if a Tory-led administration is formed after May’s elections.

The borough council’s Conservative opposition group says the move would benefit existing businesses and attract new ones, generating additional business rates income – and say they fund the pilot with a government handout.

The Herald estimates the provision of 30 minutes' free parking in all Waverley-run car parks would cost tax-payers around £750 per day (see below).

Councillor Stephen Mulliner, the Tory group leader, said: “Our town centres need to be supported. 

“A Conservative-run Waverley will give them every help that we can to ensure local high streets can flourish. 

“We will try giving 30 minutes of free parking as just one idea for making Waverley Borough Council a local business-friendly council again after years of the Lib Dem-led administration failing to listen.”

The Conservative Group says it would fund the measure using a windfall £1 million payment handed to Waverley by the government at the end of 2022.

A spokesman added: “Our hope would be that this would encourage more people to use our high streets and town centres during the day and thereby help to support local businesses.”

Rough analysis by the Herald suggests the cost of implementing the 30 minute's free parking proposal would be around £750 per day. This assumes that the average cost of parking is £1.10 per hour and an average of 100 cars park in each of Waverley's 27 car parks per day.