CONCERNS over the safety of a disintegrating churchyard wall have led Alton town councillors to instruct consulting engineers to invite tenders and oversee work to repairs as a matter of urgency. The flint wall bounding the Amery Hill side of St Lawrence churchyard is said to be crumbling because of age, weather erosion and the effect of saplings forcing their way up between the wall and a row of ancient gravestones lining the inside of the wall. The wall is starting to crack and is leaning towards the road. According to town clerk Steve Parkinson, ATC groundstaff have already been instructed to remove any loose material on top of the wall which will need to be dismantled and rebuilt using the same stones. The cost has been estimated at £47,000 and the council has been unable, until now, to proceed due to lack of funds. Now that capital funds have been received from the sale of the bungalow site at 23 Ashdell Road, it is possible to undertake the work, although councillors will be hoping to attract funding from the church and other charitable organisations. The planning application to undertake the work was approved in July 2004.