A DISTRESSED French bulldog showing signs of heatstroke was rescued from a car at Frensham Great Pond last Sunday.

Passers-by became concerned about the dog’s welfare as they could see him vomiting.

The police and RSPCA were phoned, but no officers from either authority were available so a member of the public smashed the car window with a hammer.

Hollie Evans videoed the events and said: “It was a group effort, we all just wanted to make sure the dog was safe. The rangers were brilliant and tried to locate the owners with no luck.

“The rangers, as soon as the dog was out, acted very quickly to cool and calm the him. They took him into in the office, and put the fan near him.”

Raymond Ings, chairman of the RSPCA Surrey East branch, explained that it is a criminal offence to leave a dog in a hot car if they are suffering.

He continued: “As the situation was critical for the dog the members of the public did the right thing in rescuing the dog and are to be praised for their prompt action.”