World-class training awaits three HSDC Alton students aspiring to become early years professionals after being accepted into Norland.

Classmates Lottie, Emma and Alexa all applied to study at the prestigious higher education college and were delighted to find out they had all received offers from Norland after undergoing an interview process.

Once they secure their T-levels in education and childcare, all three will be moving to Bath to attend the 130-year-old institution to pursue its world-famous early childhood education and care degree and diploma programme.

Ex-Oakmoor School student Emma has dreamed of attending Norland since she was a young child.

Emma said:“I saw a documentary when I was six or seven and ever since then I thought that’s what I wanted to do.

“Norland teaches you skills you wouldn’t learn anywhere else like sewing, driving and cooking.

“These skills are so beneficial and really necessary.”