STUDENTS travelling to and from Oakmoor School in Bordon from Headley, Headley Down and Lindford will now be able to get the bus.

Stagecoach is set to reroute the 13/23 and 18 bus services in order to pick up pupils from these areas, Hampshire county and East Hampshire district councillor Adam Carew has confirmed.

This is as an alternative to a school bus, which was previously called for by district councillor Neville Taylor.

Headteacher Paul Hemmings told the Herald he was “pleased to learn” students in these areas will now be able to travel by bus.

He continued: “Cllr Carew and senior county officers have responded swiftly to and been fully supportive of transport and safety concerns that I have raised regarding travel to school.

“We will continue to work together in partnership to ensure that travel is made as safe, convenient and environmentally sound as possible.

“Our school council is evaluating travel to our new school with all students and working with county officers to identify suggestions for further enhancement.”

While Cllr Carew said: “I had a very successful meeting with county officers and Oakmoor School headteacher Paul Hemmings last Friday and I am delighted Hampshire County Council have acted quickly to address our concerns. County have agreed to pretty much all that we have asked for.”

Cllr Carew further reported the county council agreed to another zebra crossing and Belisha beacons at the park-and-stride point on Budds Lane, promising to “get this under way without delay”.

A 20mph zone outside the school was also agreed and will be implemented, while a limit of 30mph on Hogmoor Road, as well as a crossing point, is being looked into.

Attention was reportedly drawn “again” to the crossing at Camp Road, which is believed to be “too close to the new mini roundabout”, and a push to re-advertise for a lollipop person was made.