SIXTY-seven year two children from infant schools across Farnham, including All Saints Infant School and Highfield South Farnham, came together for an afternoon of fun and games.

The event, held at South Farnham School, was just one of seven that are run throughout the school year, bringing children from infant years together to share in a sporting event with a festival atmosphere.

All schools are part of the Fearnhamme School Confederation, a group of 13 schools across Farnham and the villages who work together sharing expertise, resources, training and school events.

These included St Andrew’s Infant School; St Mary’s Infant School; All Saints Infant School; Puttenham Infants (Guildford); St Polycarp’s Primary School; Highfield South Farnham; South Farnham School; St Peter’s Primary School; and Potters Gate Primary School.

The event consisted of seven stations run by the year six children. The children rotated round the seven different ball skills activities, which ranged from tennis, hockey, basketball, football and netball.

The children were scoring goals, perfecting their ball and handling skills and participating in simple team games. All the activities were non-competitive and every child completed every activity.

The year six children were organised by Jonny Franks (year six teacher at South Farnham School) and they were in charge of running the activities. As well as running the warm ups with the children, they encouraged every child to join in and despite the cold everyone stayed until 5pm.