A SCHOOL has given pupils the opportunity to learn about different ways to cope with their health and improve wellness.

Pupils at Rowledge Primary School took a break from their normal routine as they were visited by Holistic Healthcare, a company run by Sophie Kirk, specialising in an abundance of holistic therapies.

More than 35 therapists visited the school over two days, teaching more than 70 lessons in subjects such as aromatherapy, meditation, life-coaching and yoga – with therapists visiting from as far away as Spain and Denmark.

Sophie launched ‘The School Project’ after she saw her daughter struggle during her GCSEs.

She described statistics surrounding mental health and stress in young people “alarming”, with one in nine children aged five to 15 suffering from some form of mental health disorder.

She explained: “The project is aimed at teaching the children about the huge range of different therapies available to them, how these therapies help and why they might use them now or in the future, using medication as a last option should it get to the point where it is needed.”

She found that passing on the information means pupils “will have lots of knowledge and tools to help themselves and know where to seek help”.

Sophie added: “The other option is medication and if a child is medicated too early on it is likely they always will be.

“A life on medication that could be avoided is only down to a lack of education around what options there are available.”

Headteacher Sarah Oliver praised the event, saying: “This was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

“Children need to know strategies for managing their feelings and the pressures of modern living. There are many children in primary schools who are already developing the early signs of having mental health difficulties.

“The earlier we can support them in finding ways to manage these things the better chance they have of developing their resilience.”

“The whole event was a huge success thanks to Sophie and her incredible generous team, who gave up their time for free.

“The children loved the new experiences and comment that it made them free stress free and calm.”

See theholistichealthcaregroup.com for more information.