WORLD Kindness Day on November 13 inspired a heart-warming visit to neighbouring Redcot care home by year one pupils at St Ives School, in Haslemere.

Teacher Lily Jackson, who organised the outing, said: “Our school ethos is to promote integrity, kindness, charity and good manners at St Ives.

“We want to demonstrate these qualities wherever we go.

“In preparation for our World Kindness Day visit, year one went outdoors on an adjective hunt to find words that describe the autumn leaves.

“They turned these into poems and drew pictures of autumn scenes to go with them.

“The children visited Redcot to read their poems and show their drawings to the residents, and they also gave them to them as their own act of kindness.

“This ideology is something we want to continue every day at school and to those around us.

“We have been thinking about kindness a lot – what it means to us and how we can make others feel special and loved.

“Kindness can be anything from a smile at someone you don’t know, to a grand gesture or act.

“We believe no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” Lily added.

Ann Essam, activities co-ordinator at The Friends of the Elderly’s Redcot Care Home, said: “The children were so good. They brought their drawings and read poems. They were really confident little children.

“We are looking forward to going to going to the St Ives Nativity and school pupils also come here and sing carols. The residents love it when the children come. They can’t get enough of them. ”