FERNHURST Primary School has been working hard to ensure its children develop into respectful citizens who make a positive contribution to the world in which they live – as well as achieving academically.

In its recent Ofsted report, the school was praised for the way “pupils treat each other with respect and kindness”.

The report added: “The development of a restorative approach to behaviour, where children understand the impact of their actions on others, has had a positive impact on the way in which they behave and communicate with each other.”

The report noted the way the children have taken on roles of responsibility, such as peer mediators and young governors, and how proud the children were of these positions.

Since the appointment of Jennifer Thornton as headteacher in 2020, the school has implemented a new curriculum which inspectors recognised to be ambitious for all children.

The inspection team noted how supported the staff felt, especially by their headteacher.

Results in 2022 showed the children achieve above national results in early years and within their phonics check in Year 1.

The SATs results in Year 6 show the children leave the school achieving national standards.

The school is committed to continuing to develop its enhancement to the curriculum offer planned to support every child to reach their potential.