Pupils producing poppies with pride

Wednesday 21st November 2018 4:00 pm

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OVER recent weeks, Fernhurst Primary School pupils have not only been wearing poppies with pride, but also making them.

Working with Fernhurst vicar Rev Nick Haigh, the school has been busy creating different types of poppy and pieces of commemorative poetry to be displayed at the St Margaret’s Church.

Each class chose a different style of poppy to make, comprising rustic ones made of wool and egg boxes, glamorous ones made of shiny paper and glitter, and innovative ones made of spinning paper plates and hand prints.

All the poppies were attached to a camouflage net, to reflect the wartime theme, and displayed at the church.

School administrator Fiona Atkinson said: “The children have worked hard creating their poppies, while learning about the significance of what they represent.

“Classes were also asked to write pieces of poetry to go alongside the display and mirror the meaning behind the poppies.

“The stunning display of poppies and poetry was admired by the parishioners during their Remembrance Sunday Service.

“The school held its own assembly of Remembrance last Friday, when the silence was observed and The Last Post sounded, teaching the children the importance of acts of respect and reflection.”

One poem written by one of the pupils read:

‘Rows of sadness lined up neat,

Bright white graves and family we hope to meet.

In that rich earth a richer dust concealed,

A peaceful silence that is on that field.’


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