WOOLMER Hill School is going from strength to strength and will be offering 180 places for September at the start of the new academic year, in order to keep up with the growing demand.

Woolmer Hill’s 2018 GCSE results were recently verified and published by the government in January and the data puts the Haslemere school in the top 10 non-selective schools in Surrey and in the top eight per cent of all state schools nationally.

Its students achieved half a grade better than expected on average, compared to their counterparts across the country, and were in the top five per cent nationally for three consecutive years for progress in English and maths.

Woolmer Hill has been a member of the Weydon Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) since April 2017. The Trust also includes Farnham Heath End School and Weydon, The Abbey and The Ridgeway schools in Farnham.

The shared vision is to build upon existing strengths and to work in collaboration and close partnership to achieve the MAT’s goals, one of which is for all five schools to be in the top five per cent nationally in their context.

Proud headteacher Clare Talbot said: “It has come as no surprise to me that our outstanding students have been recognised for the hard work that they put in every day.

“Credit must also go to the staff who work exceptionally hard with each and every student. The students are the heart and soul of our school and our staff know them all as individuals.

“I would also like to thank parents who put so much time and effort into supporting our students and the school. We truly are a community that is proud to belong, proud to achieve, and we look forward to continuing to go from strength to strength.”