THE RECEPTION children in at St Ives School enjoyed a visit from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service as part of their topic People Who Help Us.

The firefighters who visited the children talked about their role in the community and the many ways in which they keep the public safe.

They taught the children about the five different services which can be accessed when dialling 999.

The firefighters also introduced the children to their uniform and its safety features, which the children found fascinating. They were then each lifted into the huge fire engine that was parked on the school driveway and allowed to explore inside.

However, the highlight of the visit was when the firefighters brought out the hose and let the children play with it. They all delighted in squirting traffic cones down the St Ives driveway and soaking everything in its path.

St Ives School headteacher Kay Goldsworthy said: "The children loved their visit from Surrey Fire and Rescue and learnt what an invaluable service firefighters offer the community.

"Many have now chosen it as their preferred profession for when they are ’grown-ups’! Thank you so much to Surrey Fire and Rescue Service for such a brilliant morning. The children will remember it for years to come."