The pupils at St Ives School in Haslemere enjoyed a three-day sports festival.

The objective of the festival was to explore the world of sport in an array of different areas, from understanding the commercial side of sport, to sports psychology, sports science, the health benefits and the sheer enjoyment of playing and learning new sports.

Over the three days, the children learnt about the history of sport and considered how it has evolved over the years. This involved learning how to race-walk, a skill they have now all adopted to rush to lunch.

Kay Goldsworthy, headteacher at St Ives, said: “The sports festival has been a huge success.

“It has shown pupils there is something for everyone in the world of sport and has opened the children’s eyes to all the opportunities within it. They have enjoyed every second.

“Our only regret is teaching the children how to race-walk so successfully, as I can no longer tell them not to run down the corridor.”