STUDENTS from across Farnham and Ash received a taste of real business life after taking part in the TFN Enterprise Challenge.

Thirty students each from Ash Manor, Farnham Heath End and Weydon School took to the challenge alongside a further 10 from The Abbey School in Farnham.

The children, aged 12 to 14, were divided into mixed teams as they competed for top honours over the day.

The 10 teams had to try and make the most money from the production and sale of a product, and at the same time using new skills in financial management, marketing and decision making to achieve the utmost advantage.

This baptism of fire in how businesses operate was made easier thanks to the support and involvement of some 20 A-level students from The Farnborough Sixth Form College, all completing either business studies, accountancy or economics courses.

This work will allow the college students to put into practice much of the theory they have addressed in their studies.

The ambitious day was been made possible thanks to the work of TFN, the network of schools and colleges in the Farnham and Ash area, representing The Abbey, Ash Manor, Farnham College, Farnham Heath End and Weydon.

By working collaboratively students and staff have access to an increased range of activities, programmes, facilities and information.

The college students’ return to school added to a memorable experience and one that aims to help inform their younger counterparts decisions as to whether to choose business studies as an optional subject at GCSE level.

The TFN Challenge was led by Richard Allen of Moving Ambition, a specialist agency involved in linking educational aims to business and other vocational opportunities for young people.