STUDENTS at St John’s Infant School in Churt went back in time with toys from the past.

Clare Oliphant, education facilitator at the Museum of Farnham, visited the school with a selection of old toys and games which Year 1 pupils investigated in a bid to answer the question ‘how have toys changed?’

Marion Stevens, head of school, said: “One of the ways they found to answer this was to invite historians from Farnham museum in to show us a variety of toys used in the past.

“They discussed what they were made from and how children played with them. It was a fantastic opportunity and the children wowed us with their questions and ideas.

“Thank you to Farnham museum for bringing our topic to life.”

Clare added: “It is something the museum enjoys offering because it’s great fun for the kids to look at things from the museum collection in a fun and inter-active way.”