THE WARD Thomas twins played at Medstead Primary School this week, prior to becoming the school’s new House Heroes in September.

Based near Petersfield, and termed Britain’s first Country Band, Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas fitted in a visit to the school before going on tour.

They play Southampton Guildhall next Tuesday and will then head off to Australia with David Gray.

Headteacher Jane Oborn said: "Medstead’s current House Heroes all have great achievements to their credit, but are rather removed from the children, either in terms of history or geographical distance.

"The remit for the school’s new House Heroes is that they live fairly locally, so can visit; have a national or international reputation; and live out Medstead’s school values of ’Hope, Trust, Courage and Resilience.’"

The children asked their new House Heroes if they had to be courageous, to which the twins replied that it takes courage to play to an audience, while on the issue of ’trust’ they said as twins they share an ultimate bond of trust.

On knockbacks, the twins said sometimes their songs did not turn out as well as they hoped, but they believe that is a good thing to experience.

Ms Oborn added: "We are honoured that the Ward Thomas twins will have one of our Houses named after them.

"Children meet regularly in house groups and accumulate house merit marks through the year, culminating in sports day in the summer when they compete in cross year group houses.

"Our houses are another family group within our whole school family and give children the opportunity to get to make friends beyond their own classes.

"We look forward to welcoming further new House Heroes over the coming months in preparation for launching all the new Houses in September ready for the new school year."