Cricket lovers know all about it. In pre-digital days, Radio 4 would break off from ball-by-ball Test match coverage for a few minutes of each day’s play, because the Shipping Forecast was sacrosanct.

It has been on the radio for 100 years and is as immovable as the football scores at 5pm on a winter Saturday. Once the all-important weather information has been given, you can almost imagine the announcer saying: “And a late result: Rockall 3, South-East Iceland 1.”

This weird fusion of sport and rough seas will come to the Theatre Royal Winchester on June 7 at 7.30pm, when Charlton Athletic fan and author Charlie Connelly - whose books include a study of a century of relegation in football - presents Attention All Shipping: A Celebration of the Shipping Forecast.

In an informative, funny, pacy and moving show about the quirky broadcast, Charlie asks how a weather forecast for ships captures the hearts of a nation; if it’s possible for ‘rain later’ to be good; and where North Utsire is.

He will also share adventures from his journey through the 31 sea areas.

For tickets, priced from £15 to £19.50, call 01962 840440 or visit