Farnham Maltings was ringing with the sound of children’s voices as Farnham Youth Choir held its annual Singing Spree on June 21.

Three hundred Year 2 children from eight schools were joined on stage by Farnham Youth Choir’s three choirs for a fun-filled free singing workshop.

It was led by artistic director Patrick Barrett and training choir conductor Claire Robins, accompanied by Susan Norman.

Everyone sang We Are One by Mark and Helen Johnson as well as lots of shorter action songs involving clapping and moving to keep everyone engaged.

The children were treated to a performance of Fly by local composer and Farnham Youth Choir alumna Suzzie Vango, while the senior choir’s performance of Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho had the young audience riveted.

Farnham Town Council helped fund the event, which was attended by its co-leader Cllr Graham White and deputy mayor Cllr George Murray.

Farnham Youth Choir is holding free open rehearsals for children aged six to 18 at Farnham Maltings on September 11 and 18 at 5.15pm. Register at www.fyc.org.uk/joinus